Ringing in the New Year




The other day I ran into a woman at the hairdresser who was a mother of an autistic child.  I heard her talking about taking her son out of school to home school him.

As a special education teacher and mother of a special needs child myself, I asked her why.  She said that there was no one on the south side of town  (Atlanta) to help her better understand how to help her son through the school system.

I asked her how I could help parents to better understand the school system and help the children. She told me that they need a consultant to answer questions about IEPs, educational-psychological reports, and how to get what their children need to learn.

I left the hairdresser feeling like the Lord was telling me something.  It has been several days and the conversation has not left my mind.  As I start a new year on this blog, I am feeling the need to focus on special education.  I would like to strengthen the partnership between teachers, parents, community, and the special needs children.  What do you think? Is there a need for a consultant on the south side of Atlanta?  Can I help? 


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