Burned out, but not giving up

Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for him…Psalm 37:7

After the Christmas holidays, I have noted that there are too many articles on teacher burnout.  I understand this crisis because, I too, experience it now and again.  We all do no matter what we do for a living.  Sometimes we just get sick and tired.

After taking a two week break from writing my blog due to being sick, and re-sick, I have had a hard time bouncing back and feel the burn myself.  I can’t really tell you why we burn out.  Perhaps it is because we wake up early, put all our thoughts and energy into our workplace, and then go home and give all our thoughts and energy to our family, go to bed (usually too late at night), and do it all again day after day.  I’m thinking that America should adopt the Spanish siesta in the afternoon.  Why do we feel that we must work so hard, like our lives depended on it, till we reach exhaustion?  Oh, yeah, our lives, and those of our family, do depend on it.  What is wrong with this system?

Anyway, I decided to try and find some peace at my workplace.  I decided that I would put pictures and accessories on my desk that would give me peace and make me feel stress free.  So off I went to the local Walmart to buy a fake plant (because I have an inside classroom without any sunlight) that would provide me with some nature, a devotional calendar to meet my spiritual needs, some positive “sayings” that will meet my emotional/mental needs, and now I am in search of small card-size pictures of beautiful places from around the world to remind me of God’s beautiful world and, again, bring nature inside.  I am hoping that these items will help me from burning out.  Oh, I also brought some “stress-free” spray as well.

Now, I am curious what you do to help burn out.  Do you decorate your work place? Do you seek your peace/stress-free life elsewhere?  Please respond and let me know.  Maybe, together, we can create a list to share with others.  Let’s save the world from the burn!



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