Learning Essentials

Recently, I added a new venture to my schedule. Learning Essentials is a tutoring and consulting service that I have just started, and I can’t wait to help students in reading and writing. From my last blog, I had asked which direction I should take this blog. Now, I believe that starting a tutoring service helped me define my mission.

Learning Essentials and Between the Lines will give me an avenue to use all my talents as an English teacher and a special education teacher for learning disabilities. It is a medium to publish all kinds of thoughts about education, information about reading and writing, grammar skills, and vocabulary.  I can still post quotes, book reviews, and more. I’m so excited to move forward in a positive way. I hope you continue reading and commenting. I enjoy hearing your ideas and thoughts. So…here’s to clear vision and future success.



Back to School

Well it’s about that time.  I have one more week of freedom and then it’s back to the old grindstone. So far on this blog, I have been rather random on what I posted.  Sometimes, it was about reading or writing or what was going on in my classroom.  I even rambled on about my personal sagas in teaching.  This school year, I would like to bring my blog to a focus.  What would you be most interested in hearing about?  I don’t want to be just another teacher’s blog.  I want to have meaning and focus.  I have struggled over the past year with this issue so I thought I would ask some of you.  Do you have any creative ideas that haven’t been overdone by teachers?  Is there any issue in education that most people would like to read about?  I would very much appreciate your ideas.  Thank you, in advance, for your help.




Bookstore Tour

Snuggled in the great little town square of Zebulon, Georgia, I visited another great indie bookstore this week called A Novel Experience.  When I entered, I was amazed at how spacious it was.  Some of the great features besides the books were the coffee area where you could make your own coffee, an area for book clubs to meet, and a designated and decorated children’s area.  Another great feature was their dedication to help local artists by displaying and selling their artwork.  The sales clerk was very friendly and created great conversation about the owners and their dedication to this bookstore.  She told me of the various book clubs and other groups that met there and how active this bookstore is in the community.  It appeared to me that this bookstore was staying around because of its owners’ desire to build solid relationships with the community.  So, if you are ever in Zebulon, Georgia, take a quick minute to stop buy and browse.  I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

a novel exp1